German Tool Brands List

German Tool Brands

Here is a list that I have gathered of the German brand tools.  The general rules that I follow for listing a company/brand here is:

  • Their HQ must be in Germany
  • The majority of their products should be manufactured in the greater European Union.

This is by no means a comprehensive or 100% accurate list of German Tool Brands.  If you see an error or have another suggested brand, please use the contact page.


Brand Primary Product Line(s) Links
Adler Forestry Tools, Gardening/Farm Tools Website
Alfra Hole Punches, Drill Bits, End Mills Website
AMF Clamps and Clamping Systems for Industrial Machinery Website
Arndt L-Keys, Driver Bits, Driver Handles Website
Bison Forestry Tools, Saws Website
BMI Measuring Tools, Tape Measures, Rules, Levels Website
Brockhaus-Heuer Vices, Rotary Tables Website
Duss Industrial Drills and Rotary Hammers, Core Drills Website
EC Emmerich Woodworking Tools, Planes, Chisels, Squares, Workbenches Website
Elora General Hand Tools, Wrenches, Ratchets, Sockets, Impact Tools, Screwdrivers, Automotive Tools, Pliers, Pneumatic Tools, Storage Units Website
F. Dick Cutting Tools, Knives, Engravers, Scribers, Burnishers, Files, Rasps Website
Fein Portable Power Tools, Magnetic Core Drillers, Shop Vacuums, Bench Grinders Website
Festool Power Tools for Woodworkers, Drills, Saws, Routers, Shop Vacuums, Storage Systems Website
Flott Industrial Metalworking Tools, Drill Presses, Bench Grinders, Bandsaws Website
Freund Carpenter Tools, Roofing Tools, Sheet Metal Tools, Hammers, Saws, Measuring Tools, Snips, Punches, Trowels Website
Gedore General Hand Tools, Wrenches, Ratchets, Sockets, Wrenches, Impact Tools, Screwdrivers, Automotive Tools, Pliers, Storage Units, Pipe Bending Systems Website
Haupa Electrician's Tools, Wire Strippers, Cable Cutters, Crimpers, Insulated Tools, Storage Systems Website
Hazet Automotive Tools, Storage Systems, Wrenches, Sockets, Ratchets, Impact Tools, Hydraulic Tools, Website
Helko Forestry Tools, Axes, Wedges Website
Helios-Preisser Precision Measurement Tools, Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Gauges, Squares Website
Hepco-Becker Travel Storage Systems, Tool Cases Website
Holtmann Masonry Tools, Tile Laying Tools, Trowels, Pointing Tools, Tile Cutters, Glass Cutters Website
Jokari Precision Cable and Wire Stripping Tools Website
Kirschen Precision Woodworking Tools, Wood Chisels, Wood Planes, Draw Knives Website
Knipex Pliers, Pincers, Nippers, Cable Shears, Pipe Wrenches, Tool Cases Website
Kretzer Scissors/Shears Website
Kukko Gear Pullers, Bearing Pullers Website
Martor Safety Knives, Blades, Safety Shears Website
Matador Automotive Tools, Wrenches, Sockets, Ratchets, Pliers, Screwdrivers, Storage Units Website
Meterex Measuring Tools, Folding Rules, Measuring Tapes, Levels, Rulers Website
MHG Wood Chisels Website
NWS Pliers, Pincers, Snips Website
Ochsenkopf Forestry Tools, Axes, Wedges, Mauls Website
Orbis Pliers, Snips, Cable Cutters Website
Pferd Files/Rasps, Burs, Router Bits, Grinding Wheels, Cut-off Discs Website
Picard Hammers Website
Rennsteig Electrical Tools, Plumbing Tools, Metalworking Tools, Chisels, Punches, Screw Extractors, Crimpers, Wire Strippers, Cable Cutters Website
Rothenberger Pipe Tools, Pipe Bending Systems, Pipe Threaders, Pipe Cutters, Pipe Inspection Tools Website
Ruko Drill Bits, Taps, Countersink Bits Website
Schliesing Wood Chippers Website
Schroder Tap Wrenches, Driver Bits, Hand Drills, Screw Extractors Website
Stabila Levels, Laser Markers, Folding Rules, Tape Measures Website
Stahlwille Automotive Tools, Wrenches, Sockets, Ratchets, Screwdrivers, Pliers Website
USH Driver Bits Website
VBW Pliers, Pincers, Nippers, Bolt Cutters, Wire Strippers, Crimping Tools Website
Vogel Precision Measuring Tools, Folding Rules, Tape Measures, Plumb Bobs, Calipers Website
Wekador Driver Bits Website
Wera Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Sockets, Ratchets, Driver Bits, L-Keys Website
Wezag Crimping Tools, Cable Cutters, Cable Strippers Website
Wezu Precision Measuring Tools, Scribers, Dividers, Calipers, Squares, Folding Rules, Dial Gauges Website
Wiha General Hand Tools, Screwdrivers, L-Keys, Driver Bits, Pliers, Hammers, Measuring Tools, Articulated Hoses Website
Witte Screwdrivers, Driver Bits Website
Wolf-Garten Lawn and Garden Tools, Loppers, Pruners, Weeders Website